Sunday, 26 July 2015

Five Happy Things #1

Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey - a Sunday 'Happy Place'

Sundays always end up being a complete contradiction.

They start off GREAT. You wake up, probably a bit hungover and SO glad it's not Monday yet, and you can waddle to the kitchen in your duvet to make eggs and a giant cup of tea. You can lie on the sofa eating crisps watching a Geordie Shore marathon. You can take the world's longest bath. Hey, you can do whatever the hell you want, cause it's a Sunday and ain't nobody gonna force you to be productive.

Then the evening rolls around and that niggling "Sunday Night Feeling" starts to kick in. This is the polar opposite to "Saturday Night Feeling" which usually spurs me to down a shot of something horrible and dance to Major Lazer. Sunday Night Feeling is a dark cloud of thoughts like 'how early do I have to be up tomorrow?' and 'how many days is it until next weekend?' If Saturday Night Feeling is a big fruity cocktail, Sunday Night Feeling is a lukewarm herbal tea.

So I've decided to start a blog series called Five Happy Things. Hardly revolutionary (or original), it's going to be a list of the five things that have made me happy that week. I'll post every Sunday afternoon, just as a reminder to stay cheerful even though the weekend is coming to a close (sob).

I feel as though this warranted caps lock because even I'm still in shock - this couldn't have been more impulsive if I tried, but that's how it worked out for my first one and NO RAGRETS there (points to you if you guessed the film reference). I'm absolutely *in love* with the design I've picked and can't wait to see it on my skin.

2. I watched The Breakfast Club for the first time and it was all kinds of great
Seriously, why has it taken me so long to get round to this?

3. I saw Saynaree and David
Something magical happens when us three get in the same room - plenty of gossip, plenty of laughs, plenty of good times.

4. I started to pack up my flat
Meg and I move in with our friend Lottie in two weeks and we've found an absolute DREAM house. I've been Pinterest-ing (is that a word?) interiors inspiration non-stop since we signed the contract and can't wait to blow a large percentage of my next pay packet in IKEA. I never thought I'd be the kind of person to get excited by rugs and miniture cacti, but I am. And that's okay.

5. I went to a screening of Sicario
I'm already a massive Denis Villeneuve fan (Prisoners is definitely in my top five favourite films) and Sicario did not disappoint. My heart rate didn't settle back to normal until about half an hour after the credits started to roll and  Emily Blunt blew my mind (I've since developed a huge girl crush on her).

There we go... my first Five Happy Things. What has made you happy this week? x

Sunday, 7 September 2014

A big ol' catch up.

So I took a bit of a blogging break, completely by accident... starting my new job and the move to London left me with even less spare time than I predicted! Hello to my new followers and thank you so much for coming to say hi - my Bloglovin' followers have shot up over the past few weeks. I promise I'll be blogging more regularly!

The last fortnight has been a total busy blur, but an amazing one at that. I absolutely love my new job, I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with and I actually look forward to Mondays! In the short space of time I've been here I've already gotten to work on campaigns for the likes of Disney and Universal Studios... I can't wait to see what the next few months have in store.

Last week I got to attend a press screening at the Ham Yard hotel in Soho, which was easily one of the most gorgeous hotels I've ever visited. Myself and the other intern, Charlotte, were handed free glasses of wine to sip on at the bar before we went in and the whole experience was quite surreal considering only a week before, in my old job, I'd been sat at a desk in a tiny office out in the middle of nowhere. I still can't believe I get to do stuff like this as part of the job!

Plus, any office which has its own bar is an absolute WINNER in my eyes.

This weekend just gone was the first chance my housemate and I have had to actually do some exploring. We decided to hop on the central line to East London and did a bit of wandering before stumbling across a street food market.
I opted for a Caboose burger called the 3.10 to Yuma, and my God this baby did not disappoint. Shredded beef which had been slow cooked over wood chips for twelve hours, gooey smoked cheddar, pickles, BBQ sauce, lettuce and the most divine blue cheese sauce I've ever tasted, all packed into one nicely toasted brioche bun. It was absolute HEAVEN.

We noticed a lot of people were carrying Vitamin Water bottles, so keen to investigate we wandered further down Brick Lane to find they were giving them out for free (between three of us, we may or may not have taken 16...) we were invited inside to find that as part of the campaign, they'd filled a small swimming pool with polystyrene pebbles. And you were allowed to swim in it.

(Look how unbelievably happy I am!) It was the weirdest thing I've experienced in a while but so much fun. I had the giggles the entire time I was in there because it just felt so bizarre. We were in the company of kids at least ten years younger than us but we were having just as much of a good time!

When we'd finally calmed down (and gotten rid of any stray polystyrene that had been stuck in our hair) we went for a quick drink before making our way back to the flat, quickly getting ready and heading on a night out in Ealing. But that's not a story for the blog...

Thanks again for following and reading- promise I'll have some more fashion/beauty based posts up soon! Does anyone have any recommendations of places to visit/explore/shop/eat in London? Preferably away from touristy hotspots! Working just off Oxford Street has meant I've become one of those Londoners!

Have a great week X

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

New City, New Wardrobe?

Jumpsuit: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

Hello! It feels like it's been ages since I last blogged properly. I've been busy moving my stuff to London, sorting boring grown up things like council tax and utility bills and working full time. Slowly but surely, I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel and I can't wait to get settled in the flat and start my new job!

I thought I'd share my outfit from Monday with you. It's completely and utterly inspired by the gorgeous Suzie of Hello October- she posted a super cute outfit post with shoes similar to this and a tropical print jumpsuit (click here to see) and I knew I had to try it out! I would never usually buy something like this, I'm strictly a monochrome kinda gal, but I really want to push myself to be brave and buy bolder things once I move to London. For some reason, I feel like there you can get away with wearing more outlandish things!

The jumpsuit is SO COMFORTABLE. I've worn it with heels and a little clutch on a night out, flats and a leather jacket for work and trainers and a floppy hat for day- it's so versatile! I'm definitely a jumpsuit convert, I already want to buy a tailored black one to wear out in the evening.

Sorry about the rubbish iPhone photo, I'm hoping to do some proper ones of my outfits for work in the next few weeks, luckily I have quite a lot of freedom with what I can wear!

Lucy x

Friday, 15 August 2014

So, You're Heading Off To Uni...

As much as these pictures might tell you a different story, first year wasn't all drinking, ordering a pizza at 4am and sleeping until noon the next day. Okay, so a shameful chunk of it was, but hey- you're only a fresher once. Whilst the flat parties and nights out are loads of fun, there are bits of advice I would have followed if I were to redo that crazy year. Though I'm not sure my liver would be able to take it now...

(By the way, that half-blonde girl is me! 2011/12 was the year I got all "experimental" with my hair, resulting in some serious damage and me having to get the chop to almost a bob- see bottom left picture. Also, upon gathering these pictures, it has become apparent that I need to do some serious Facebook detagging from that era of my life...)

Get your hands dirty. We all got pretty lazy with the washing up in our flat and I'll admit it, none of us were very tidy! It meant that dirty dishes piled up and our living room was pretty gross for most of the year. Count yourself lucky if you live with a clean freak- there's nothing worse than stumbling home from a hungover lecture to be greeted with a mouldy living room. Even if you have to be that person who makes a cleaning chart, I'm sure most of your flatmates will agree on a rota, and they'll thank you for it later.

Respect your space. Sure, it was a great idea at the time (and a hell of a lot of fun) to have a shaving foam fight. Not to mention the time we broke a few ceiling tiles dancing around after a night out with a broom (don't ask). And all those food fights... what seems hilarious in one drunken minute can actually result in some hefty fines from your student halls if you damage anything. Respect the space you live in and moving out will be a lot more stress-free!

Get yourself out there. I was lucky enough to make amazing friends in both my halls and on my course in first year, so didn't feel the need to join societies or clubs. I did in second year and regret not doing it sooner- I met amazing new people, got to go to society events and even ended up blagging VIP tickets to the Clothes Show as a result of getting involved with the student magazine. Joining societies opens up so many doors and is a great way to make friends if you move in and find that your housemates aren't your cup of tea. Drag yourself out of bed and head to the society fair in freshers week- there are usually hundreds, from sports and drama clubs to 'Real Ale' societies... whatever does it for you!

Don't stay too connected... Whilst it's important to stay in touch with friends and family, you don't need to rush home to Skype people every five minutes. The important ones in your life will stay there no matter how many hours you spend on the phone after drunk dialling them.

Try to keep up a decent work/play balance. We all know that play wins HANDS DOWN when it comes to first year- but only needing 40% to pass shouldn't mean you snooze through lectures or start revision the night before an exam (ahem... I didn't do that). In all seriousness, have fun but don't forget that it doesn't hurt to do well, either- this is the degree you've picked, work hard! Doing well feels a lot better than scraping by does.

Budget, budget, budget! When your student loan first drops into your bank account, it does feel like all of the money in the world. But try to keep on top of your spending, especially in fresher's week! Do you really need a new outfit for each night out? And is a takeaway pizza each evening really necessary? If you haemorrhage money at the start of each semester you'll regret it when you're scraping together change for instant noodles towards the end- trust me.

Finally, just relax and HAVE FUN... It used to annoy me to no end when people preached about making the most of "the best three years of your life," but it is so true! So enjoy every moment of it... it'll fly by!

Lucy x

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Interiors Inspiration & Wishlist

Photos from Tumblr
Recently I've become obsessed with interior design and homeware. Having a fairly blank canvas of a flat to move into means Meg & I can get creative with colour schemes, and I've spent a lot of time scrolling through tumblr to find inspiration for design. We don't have a lot of space to work with, especially in my room, so I love the minimalistic, clean kind of look with pops of colour every so often.
Urban Outfitters home has some amazing stuff in stock at the moment. I absolutely love that chalkboard and the little bright lunchbox- so cute! The beside table is from Ikea, it's just so aesthetically pleasing! I'm desperate to get my hands on one for my room, and I want to find a bright metal table lamp to sit on top of it. The chevron monochrome duvet set is from Wilko and is only £16, such a bargain, I'm definitely going to place an order! I've also been lusting after a turntable lately. They're expensive, but such a gorgeous addition and I love the sound of vinyl. Maybe one for the Christmas list...

Where do you like to shop for homeware? x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Tea and a chat.

After a manic couple of weeks it feels sooo unbelievably nice to sit with a cup of tea, knowing I have the weekend stretching out ahead of me! My parents have been away on holiday, and so I've been looking after my brother (who is sick with scarlet fever- not nice) and the dog, whilst working full time, and securing my internship, and getting through mountains of paperwork for the new flat... there is light at the end of the tunnel though, I feel like it's time to stop stressing and start getting excited!

Right, are you sitting comfortably? (I know I am) I've been nominated for a Liebster Award by three lovely ladies- Maria Noell, Robin and Helen (click to see their blogs!) The idea is that you answer 11 questions about yourself before tagging 11 others (with under 200 followers) to do the same, thus sharing the blogging love and introducing new blogs to different readers. Rather than bombard you with 33 answers, I thought I'd mesh some of the questions from each blogger into one set! Here goes...

1. Favourite memory?
I used to live in Cyprus and I have very fond memories of my three years there. There isn't one memory that sticks out, just the general lifestyle of finishing school at 1:30 then going to the pool, beach or waterpark with my friends... I took all of it for granted at the time! It was a fun few years.

2. Bold lip or statement eyes?
Definitely statement eyes, although I own an unhealthy amount of lip products too! (Ahem... see last post). My favourite ever make-up item is my Naked 2 palette- it creates the perfect smokey eye and I've used it nearly every day since I got it two years ago! As you can see, it's very well loved...
 Eek. It might be time to treat myself to the Naked 3 soon!

3. What are you reading at the moment?
I've just started to read Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. It's okay, I haven't really had a chance to properly get my teeth into it yet. It was a bit of a cheesy London purchase in a bookshop when I was last there. I do love things that are set in my favourite city (promise I'll stop talking about London one day)...

4. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube or Vine?
I love them all (except Facebook) I'm a bit of a social media addict. I'd say Twitter and Instagram are my lost used, though!

5. What has been your favourite thing that has happened this summer?
Definitely my graduation. It was such a perfect day. You can read my post on it here if you like :)

6. What food could you eat forever?
Mac and cheese. It's my absolute favourite thing and ultimate guilty pleasure. I'm talking the real deal though, not the gross stuff out of a packet. Here's a picture of the bacon mac and cheese I made last week- I'm pretty much drooling

7. Favourite blogs?
I'm constantly finding new ones that I love to read but at the moment my top three are Hello October, The Londoner and Meg's Boutique!

8. Worst make-up or fashion mistake?
With fashion there have been too many to list (I went through both chav AND emo phases when I was younger...) but make-up would probably have to be this MAC foundation I used in my first year of uni. It was waaaay too pale for my skin and I look ill in every single picture of me wearing it. That was also the year I over-plucked my eyebrows... luckily now I know how to colour match and use a tweezer.

9. Whose concert would you love to go to?
The Cure. I would love to see The Cure. For some reason I feel like all the odds are against me on this (playing festivals years I'm at different ones, tickets selling out before I can get my hands on one, not playing in this country...) but one day. One day I'll see Robert Smith sing Pictures of You.


10. Which place would you most like to visit and why?
I'd love to go to Melbourne in Australia... I've never heard a bad thing about the place. I'd also love to visit Hong Kong, and Tokyo... to be honest if I haven't been there already I'll probably want to go and explore! I'd love to see more of America too!

11. Marmite, love it or hate it?
Love it. Especially with eggs and soldiers (I am five).

As I combined different lists I'm going to tag people to answer the same questions! I'll be tagging...
Victoria, Emily Jane, Alice, Helen, Victoria, Beri, Grace, Lulu and whoever else wants to get involved!

Posts I have planned for this weekend are an interiors wishlist and my very first proper outfit post... keep an eye out for it! x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

London Love & Exciting News

On my last visit to London, I just couldn't resist a little look around Liberty's. I say "little look" when in reality, I made a beeline for the beauty hall and- let's face it- I knew I wouldn't be able to leave without a luxe purple bag in tow.
In order to make the purchase as guilt-free as possible, I decided to buy the product I had previously treated myself to but left behind in a restaurant (doh). What? I was replacing lost property, nothing wrong with that...
Let's delve in.
It's a lip butter by Greek brand Korres! No doubt you'll have seen these pigmented little pots of balm all over the blogosphere, but I thought I'd give my two cents nonetheless. Firstly, I LOVE the packaging. Having to rip open pretty boxes in order to get to a product is one of my pet hates- with this, the balm slides out of its little home. I do love a clever design.

Secondly, these are lightweight yet still pigmented enough to leave a pretty tint on the lips. I picked the Mango shade, a seriously pretty corally-orange. They're not so pigmented that you need a mirror to apply them with- you can dab them on with your finger then build them up if you want a more intense effect. They're seriously moisturising which is a massive bonus, and thirdly- they smell INCREDIBLE. This one has a yummy fruity scent, but it's not overpowering, just enough to be able to detect it when you apply.

Korres, I'm sold. Does anyone have any product recommendations from this brand? I'll probably be spending more time than is good for me in Liberty's over the next few months, which leads me on to my good news...

So you may or may not have seen on a post last month that I had gone for an exciting meeting at an office in Soho. Well, several meetings later, said office- which is actually an advertising agency- have offered me a six month PR internship! I start in three weeks and absolutely cannot wait, especially because of the exciting brands I'll get get to work with (Disney and L'Oreal to name a couple... I KNOW)! Plus it's only a few days until we get the keys to our new flat... I'm ridiculously happy about how well everything is coming together!

Hello to all of my new followers! I'm advertising on the lovely Meg's blog this month, so thanks for clicking on my face if you came from there! Let me know what kind of posts you'd like to see on A Little Lucy :) x