Blogging Nostalgia

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Okay, this is a screen grab of a post (now hidden due to how cringe it is) on this here blog from way back in November 2009 can you believe. I didn't even have a proper camera so I just stole all my photos from Google - said 'outfit picture' had been taken on my laptop webcam. 'Double history tomorrow morning' God I miss the days where this was my biggest problem! I was 16 when I wrote this. Also RIP American Apparel


Does anyone else miss the really old school days of blogging? Or even remember them?

I remember first getting into the world of blogging nearly ten years ago. I was 14 and developed a weird obsession with buying Teen Vogue, despite there only being a US edition - I think I was going through that phase that many teens do and thought I'd grow up to be a fashion designer, just because I once made an awful smock dress in my textiles class. I'd trot along to my local WH Smiths every month, buy Teen Vogue with my pocket money and cut out the front cover. I had a good 20 or so of them stuck on my walls to cover up the lilac paint I'd grown out of.

Teen Vogue started using the magazine to push its online counterpart, and eventually, one bored Sunday afternoon, I logged on to the family laptop in the spare room (yes, teens of today, my family all shared ONE laptop until I was 15) and had a gander. It was there that I found *cue hallelujah chorus music* - the TEEN VOGUE FORUMS.

Online, the Teen Vogue forums were basically like the Twitter of 2007. Seriously, if anyone out there reading this used to visit the Teen Vogue forums, HOLLA AT ME cause I was obsessed. People would use them to talk about TV shows (Gossip Girl had just come out and it was a very hot topic), books, celebrities, fashion, music and... blogging.

People started sharing their links on certain threads, and it was from there that the world of blogging was opened up to me. It was completely new and so exciting. A space on the internet that gave you an insight into another persons life, the city they lived in, the clothes they wore? I was quickly hooked.


Okay, this was early 2010, I have so many questions. Why did I dye my hair a purple colour? Why did I think a pink bra poking out from a blue vest underneath a see-through lace top was a good fashion choice? Am I wearing blue eyeliner? At least I've got a camera this time - see the trusty Fujifilm Finepix that would come on EVERY night out with me in sixth form. 


I think one of the very first blogs I found was WishWishWish (still going strong today!). I loved vintage style blogs too, like The Snail and the Cyclops and Hannah + Landon. I remember one I was seriously obsessed with was That's Just My Vibe - it was written by a girl in her twenties living in London and working in media, and I remember thinking WOW. This girl is so cool. I think I actually went and bought a pair of black wet look leggings from Topshop just because she'd blogged about them (a sign of the power of influence way back in 2008... before Topshop had even cottoned on that this was a thing).

Everyone's blog was hosted on, the photos were taken on digital cameras or rubbish webcams and there wasn't any fancy schmancy HTML - but these were probably the only threads looping every blog together. That's what was so great. Every blog was different. They didn't have to look flash or glossy like the pages of the magazines did, because they were so interesting without any of the added sparkle. Back then, I don't remember reading a single two blogs that seemed to churn out even remotely similar content.


We've moved on to early 2011 here. Fun fact - that chart on the wall behind me was a revision timetable with the University of Sheffield logo (my first choice Uni) on it. To motivate me. WHAT A NERD. I'm sure you've probably gathered by now that I was a bit obsessed with school (I got into Sheffield, by the way). Also the t-shirt - "cropped by moi" girl we can tell, dat uneven hemline tho.


I also miss the rough and ready-ness of the posts. People would just share a pic they'd taken on their Macbook webcam then write about what they'd done with their week. Or they'd review a MAC lipstick with their REAL opinion - posts weren't littered with asterisks warning the reader of sponsored content. It was all very honest.

If you look back at some of my first posts on this blog that are visible (circa 2014), you can see I was starting to get a bit caught up in the blogger fodder - what did I buy from Lush? What are five products I'm using on my face? I don't have anything against these kinds of posts, it's just so hard to really engage with them when 837392 content creators have written the same thing.


Here we go - March 2011, an outfit post and a glimpse at my room, which is actually very telling of my life at the time. The sewing machine that I spent several nights wanting to pick up and fling across my room when it bunched up the stitches on an important piece of work. Charity shop clothes, ~so edgy~ of me (seriously though half my clothes at this point were from Cancer Research). Revision timetables are back, OF COURSE, gal's gotta stay focused. Not sure what the obnoxious British flag is all about. All in all this was a very budget post - Primark come through. I was working in a shop on £4.90 an hour so I'm not surprised!


When I started writing on here again a few months ago I decided I wanted to use this blog as a place where I could be a bit more unpolished. Where I can just have a ramble. Not every post is going to have magazine-worthy photography (or any, for that matter) or a piece of writing worthy of a share. It may not even be remotely interesting to anyone but myself. I'm going to be taking inspiration from those early days of blogging and write for me - not to score comments, views or followers. It may be a little rough around the edges, but I'm okay with that.

Please share any memories of the early days of blogging with me if you have them, because I would be so, so interested to hear! 


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Amongst the mess: diaries from when I was 13, 16 and 19. A letter I got when I was 13 from my friend Abby which described, in detail, how to kiss boys. The badge I wore out on my 18th birthday. A receipt for fancy dress that I wore on a night I don't want to forget. A train ticket from when I was in Germany on an exchange. A signed Hadouken ticket (cringe). My university ID. Tonnes of photos from my teens/early 20s.

I read a blog post recently that I can't stop thinking about. It's by Hannah Gale, and is titled The Strangest Thing About Your Late Twenties.

Reading it, it honestly could have been a trail of my own thoughts I related to it so much. The post describes how she feels that she has developed two versions of herself; the girl she was ten years ago, and the woman she is now. She writes about losing herself for hours in old Facebook photos, diary entries - anything to help her rediscover this person she remembers but can't quite believe was once her.

I do the same.. but I can remember more than one other version of myself. I feel as though I have several.

One thing I'm sure you'll gather from this picture is that I'm a sentimental hoarder. I keep everything from receipts for fancy dress I bought in sixth form (see the 'Party Seasons Gloucester' poking out from my notebook...) to my badge I wore out on my 18th birthday, to boxes and boxes of diaries.

It's the diaries that get me the most. I read them out aloud to myself sometimes, because it's as if they were written by a stranger - I turn the pages in anticipation of what's going to happen even though it's about my life. From the nervous thirteen-year-old writing about her first day at school back in England after being abroad for years, to the teen about to take her GCSEs, to the Sheffield Uni student getting over her first break-up...

Just as Hannah writes in her post, it's almost unbelievable to think that that girl - that all of those girls - grew into me.

I think I get scared that one day I'll forget. That I'll forget what it felt like to be 17, with my biggest fear being my AS Level results, with University and my future stretching out ahead of me, feeling like anything was possible. That I'll forget what it felt like to be a University student, living in a crazy house of seven in Sheffield and meeting a ton of new people outside of the bubble of my hometown. That I'll even forget the me of two years ago - new to London, starting my career and truly entering adulthood for the first time.

By diving into these past stages of my life I feel like I'm attempting to preserve the memories of the old versions of myself. As Hannah says, maybe we're even mourning them. I think about 17 year old me the most - she got to enjoy a lot of firsts. The first date with a guy she'd end up being with a long time. The first crazy drunken night out. The first summer away with friends. I almost wish I could meet her now and talk to her... which is crazy. Because she is me.

I'm thinking of doing more writing based on these old diaries I have - trust me, some of them are truly hilarious, some of them are devastating (2012 Lucy: stop texting boys who are clearly using you!). To be honest it's something I've been thinking about doing for a while - time give those old versions of myself some due diligence and then close the book, so to speak.

I'm going to a writing class this weekend (taught by Laura Jane Williams, who I cannot wait to meet) which will focus on writing from experience, so watch this space...

Do any of you do the same thing and recall previous versions of yourselves? Until I read Hannah's blog post I was pretty sure I was the only one who did this - as she says, I hope it's more human than I initially thought.


The Little Things

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Afternoon tea at Sketch, AKA life inside a giant pink marshmallow

I'm writing this with a cold flannel on my forehead, a blocked nose and a (now slightly lukewarm) mug of lemsip within arms reach. Needless to say, I feel like SHIT. (Also - why is it that when you're ill you feel like the entire world is out having fun without you? Instagram I'm looking at you here.)

I'm determined not to let having flu on a Saturday ruin my week though - especially as this week has been full of lovely moments. I recently read a post on Oh January's blog titled 'Little Things' and not only did it a) make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about all the tiny things that make life great, but b) it made me realise that I need to be taking better notice. I feel like the weeks rush past in such a busy blur at the moment I don't stop and reflect on all the things that have made me smile.

And so I'm going to do just that - from the little things to the bigger moments, here's what's made me feel pretty damn good this week.

Presenting to a room full of people first thing on Monday and not f*cking it up
Getting a seat on a quiet, fast tube on a morning when I'd overslept a bit
This American Life's podcast on coincidences
Rewatching Girls ahead of Season 6 starting
Getting red tulips sent to me at work
 People on my team offering to make me a cup of tea just when I needed one
Burning my new Diptyque candle
Getting a nice email from a client about a project I worked on
Buying two new books to read on my commutes to and from work
Going for afternoon tea at Sketch after wanting to go for so long
Booking a place on Laura Jane William's writing course in March
Being cooked a three course meal 
Reading all the comments on my last blog post
A colleague buying me lemsip when she was out on her lunch because she could see I was poorly
Prosecco and a writing sesh with one of my best friends
Going to text my boyfriend about where to go for dinner and seeing he'd text me about the exact same place

What's made you smile this week?

Welcome Back!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Well hello there!

It's been so long since I last blogged, that I genuinely just agonised on how to intro this post for a good 10 minutes. NICE ONE.

Sorry for my blogging absence. I'm not quite sure who I'm apologising to, although Google Analytics tells me that some absolute babes out there are still visiting this blog every month! I think I'm probably partly apologising to myself, after promising to write more frequently turned into not writing at all.

At the start of last year, I was really getting back into blogging, probably for the first time since I started back in May 2014. But something still didn't quite feel right. The format felt a bit tired, I wasn't really feeling the design anymore, and life just kind of happened. Y'know?

Over the past few months I've been clicking on the blog and feeling a little sad at how long ago my last post was. It's like everyone had decided to jump ship (everyone being just me) and I started to get the writing itch back.

Now, more than ever, it's so important to have fingers in more pies, for want of a better phrase. I did three years at uni studying journalism, and whilst that has definitely helped me on my career path, I certainly don't write for a living - but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be flexing those muscles on the side.

So I'm back. With a jazzy new blog design. Everything is a little bit neater, brighter and clearer, and whilst iPhone snaps will have to do for the time being, I'm saving up for a proper camera so that my photos can eventually be ON POINT, too.

I dragged my boyfriend Jon to somewhat of a 'Power Breakfast' at Clerkenwell Grind this morning to knuckle down on this post, give the layout some final tweaks and take several selfies in their adorbs pink bathroom help him give his blog a bit of a spring clean too.

Two coffees, a delish breakfast and several HTML-related breakdowns later, A Little Lucy 2.0 was born! I'm a big fan of the new look and it'll hopefully encourage me to blog more often.

So what sort of things will I be posting? A little bit of everything. A foodie post here, a book review there, with the occasional life ramble thrown in for good measure. I'm not going to stick to any weekly features for the time being - I'll just post what feels right.

I've got three more posts coming up this week - make sure you don't miss them by following me on Bloglovin' or signing up to email alerts (see - I've got all the mod cons now)!

L x