A Mini Lush Haul

Friday, 23 May 2014

Yesterday I handed in two assignments, and after several mornings of getting up at 7am to get a seat at the library (yep, it's THAT competitive) I decided to pop into Lush and treat myself to a couple of products. I haven't shopped at Lush in aaages but stumbled across the new releases page on their website last week and liked the look of a few things...

Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser, £6.40
I wanted to pick up a new cleanser but was really hoping they'd have the Baby Face cleanser back in stock as it's completely sold out online and I'm desperate to try it! They didn't (sob) but then I spotted this, it's one of their "cult" products and I've never given it a go so decided to try it. It's pretty scary looking in the tub, but you basically take a piece of it in your hand, mix it with water and it creates this paste-like substance. I really wasn't a fan of the smell of this, I'm not actually keen on lavender scents (doh- should have read the label before I bought it) but I can look past that for now. I found I lost quite a bit of it down the sink trying to make it into a paste, but once I got the hang of it I really liked the consistency- it's quite grainy so feels like it's exfoliating as well as cleansing. I'm not totally impressed by this so far but I'll keep on trying!

Movis Facial Soap, £4.50
The lovely sales assistant in the Sheffield Lush store recommended this to me and I'm so glad I went with it! It's a grainy soap that you can use as a face and body exfoliator, all the girls in the shop were raving about it so I followed their advice and popped one in my basket. I know it doesn't look very attractive, but this soap smells AMAZING. So clean and fresh, but also with a hint of freshly baked bread if that's even possible?! The sales assistant (I should have got her name!) told me that she just applies this directly to a wet face, so I tried it out this morning. WOW. It actually lathers up really nicely and you can actually feel it getting to work and removing the dead skin cells without being abrasive. My moisturiser applied like a dream after using it and I can't stop touching my face, it's so soft! Top marks from me on this one, Lush. I definitely recommend.

Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb, £3.50
How great is the name of this bath bomb? I love it when companies give their products fun names, one of the new bubble bars is called 'Two Timing Tart,' love it. Anyway, back to the bath bomb. I'm yet to try this so can't give a full review, but it smells delicious, like lemony sherbet sweets. From some of the pictures I've seen it looks like it turns the bath into an entire rainbow of colours so I'm looking forward to trying it!

My trip to Lush has reminded me just how much I love the brand. I think the staff are like no other, they're always so helpful and never force you to buy anything, it's almost like having a free personal shopping experience every time you go. I love the ethos behind the brand as well- obviously Lush are known for their zero tolerance on animal testing and their vegan ingredients, I think it's great to know you can enjoy their products with this knowledge in mind. I always look forward to seeing what products they launch next- on my list already is the D'Fluff strawberry shaving cream and the Mangnificent soap!

What products do you love from Lush?


  1. I've yet to try any of Lush's products and I reaaally want to! That bath bomb sounds amazing xx

    Katy | www.littlemisskaty.co.uk

  2. Ooh I love reading reviews on Lush things so I know what to check out otherwise I head in there and wander round wanting and smelling everything haha! Just discovered your blog and now following you on bloglovin and gfc, loving your posts :) would love it if you get a chance to check my blog out too! XO


  3. I am so trying that facial soap... a good find it seems

    x Maria x

  4. Oh I love the look of that cleanser! I really need to head to Lush asap! xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. ooh the facial soap seems so interesting, would love to try this! xx

    Katie // k-olivia.blogspot.com/

  6. I love the sound of that Movis soap really need to pick that up!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  7. such funny names! i find lush too overwhelming to go in sometimes, but i love the lip scrubs! xx

  8. I love the Lush bath bombs/ bubble bars! The sherbet smell sounds like something I'd love!
    Daniella x


  9. i LOVE angel on bare skin, one of my all time favorite product ! :)

  10. I used the angels on bare skin cleanser a couple of years ago and I loved it x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  11. I really love love Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb!! xx

  12. Angel on bare skin is my favorite, currently using it ! :)

  13. I hate to admit I have never been into a lush store! *sob* However I have just completed my first mini lush haul from the online store and can't wait to give the products a try! So excited and will be posting my reviews once they have arrived! :D xx