A Winning Nail Combination

Sunday, 4 May 2014

 Models Own Apple Pie (£5) and L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat (£4.99)

I picked both of these nail polishes up on a little Boots haul last week, and I wish I had noticed the confetti top coat sooner! These nails would have been perfect for Easter as they remind me of little speckled eggs. Never mind, I've been loving this combination ever since, it gives a bit of a unique twist to the classic spring pastel nail trend. I can see myself investing in even more pastel colours just to wear with the confetti top coat! What are your favourite nail colours for spring?

Lucy x


  1. This combination is so pretty!
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  2. Such a pretty combination! I love mint green nail polishes for spring, my current fave being Breakfast In Bed from Rimmel :)


  3. Those colors look so good together! I've been going between wearing mint nailpolish and beige nail polish for spring.


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