The Weekend Wishlist #1

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Even though I'm skint as anything at the moment (have a hotel in Berlin booked for after my exams to pay for- exciting but eek) here's a few items I'm lusting over at the moment and adding to my imaginary shopping basket.

1. Topshop Pink Ottoman Skirt, £32 
I love this skirt/skort/whatever you want to call them trend at the moment, I think the asymmetric hem looks amazing. This is the perfect summery colour and would work so well with a tee and sandals for day, or a white cami and heels for evening.

2. Topshop Lipsticks in Ditsy and Mink, £8 each
Topshop lipsticks are up there with my favourites when it comes to beauty, and I've had my eye on a few of the newer colours lately. Ditsy is a gorgeous bright coral pink whereas Mink is a lovely mocha nude, and I think both are perfect for spring/summer. Plus they come in about £7 cheaper than Mac lipsticks- bargain.

3. ASOS Somedays Lovin Silk High Neck Dress, £82
Okay so this dress is way out of my budget, but just look at it! Ever since I saw Rosie wear this in a blogpost of hers (click here to see) I've been in love. It looks like the perfect holiday dress, now if only I had £82 going spare...

4. ASOS Pack of 8 Rings, £8
I'm currently trying to build up a collection of rings as I seem to lose mine ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I don't know what I do with them. There's a black hole somewhere containing around 328 rings of mine. ANYWAY, these are super simple, super affordable and I just love 'em.

5. Zara Simple Strapped Sandals, £29.99
Yep, I have fully succumbed to the "sliders" trend. I've already succumbed to the jelly shoes trend and now this. A couple of years ago I would have found these shoes super ugly, now I adore them... funny thing, trends. Zara are one of my favourite brands for products that look high end but have high street prices, and these shoes are no different. Plus they're so simple they'll go with everything!

6. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Daisy Print Cropped Tee, £15
Firstly, I'd just like to point out- I found an item of clothing from Urban Outfitters for £15 that I actually like. This is a first for me... usually anything I want from UO ends up on my wishlist for all of eternity cause it's just so damn expensive! I think this would look great with my bleached Topshop Joni jeans and some sandals... maybe those sliders...

7. Missguided Coral Backpack £17.99
I love the simple detail on this and though I was firstly drawn to the black version (standard, I hardly ever buy colour!) this pretty coral number caught my eye. I think this would be so great in summer- nobody wants to carry a heavy bag on the crook of their arm. Plus I think this is such a good price for a bag!

There we have it, I'll be back with a new wishlist next weekend! What do you guys currently have your eye on?


  1. I admire you for making a wishlist and not committing to purchase when you're saving.
    I don't have that much willpower myself
    | | Dreams Of New York | |

  2. The skirt is cute! It reminds me of a tulip :)

    xx becky /

  3. That pink skirt is absolutely lovely! I'm sure it will look so cute on you too <3 xx

  4. love everything on your wishlist! I'm exactly the same, I have no money to spend at the moment so instead I just have loads of tabs open with things I want knowing I won't be able to buy them aha x

  5. ahhhh those zara sandals are so gorgeous! I love making wishlists when I'm saving - it's like buying but not hahah!
    Followed you via bloglovin - would love if you could return so that we can keep in touch!



  6. love love love the cropped tee and the backpack! adorable picks :) just followed you!

  7. the coral skort is soooo cute. they color is amazing for summer and i bet it looks great with tanned legs.

  8. That coral backpack is soo pretty, loving the simplicity of it and the colour xx


  9. I looove that backpack! Perfect colour for summer!

    Let Us Be Lovely

  10. great wishlist! love the skirt

    from helen at

    ps. You can win £250+ worth of beauty products in my new giveaway if you're interested, click here

  11. the skort and the lipsticks... Omg need those :) x