Bratwurst & Bugs: Berlin Day Three/Four

Saturday, 28 June 2014

 Here's the last segment of my little trip to Berlin!

As we were all nursing pretty bad hangovers from the night before, we decided to take it slow the next morning, taking our time getting ready and heading back to the same bakery, this time for some iced buns. We'd all massively miscalculated what the weather was going to be like, as it had been so sunny the day before. I was wearing a maxi dress and sandals and it was on the verge of rain! After two of us quickly popped back to the hostel to change into jeans, we wandered over to the Reichstag.
Being hungover and hungry, it wasn't long before we went in search of food again at a little German market around the corner.
 My friends all went for bratwurst and I had chips (with an obligatory dollop of mayonnaise, obviously) I'm really not a fan of German sausage. No innuendo intended...
Later on in the day we went to check out the Museum Island as it was right around the corner from our hostel.
This is one of Berlin's cathedrals, absolutely stunning. If the weather had been nicer we would have sat out on the huge stretch of grass at the front, but instead we thought with our stomachs and headed out for dinner.
Having tried German cuisine many many times before (and never really being a huge fan) we went for dinner in a fairly American looking restaurant. It was in a pretty little square full of bars and places to eat, the perfect spot for people watching.

I went for carbonara which was amazing, Georgie had some tasty penne pasta and Becki picked chicken with peanut sauce and mango rice. Jess was brave and went for a super traditional German meal, which was mainly made up of pork and sauerkraut. Not as picturesque so I didn't include a photo!
I'm not hugely into football but England were playing and we thought the atmosphere might be quite good at one of the local bars, and we managed to blag ourselves a great table right by the screen where we enjoyed a few more cocktails. 

Then things took a turn... a terrible turn... (slightly over-dramatic, who doesn't love a bit of suspense?)

I came back to the hostel around 10pm as I wasn't feeling very well. I took a cold shower, got into bed and assumed I'd feel better after a good nights sleep. How wrong I was.

I was up most of the night with an excruciating stomach pain and a temperature. The next day I could barely walk across the hotel room, I was in absolute agony. I shooed the others off to the Reichstag where we had planned to go and look inside as the queue had been huge the day before (not feeling too bad about missing out as I had been inside before) and I opted for a late check out, spending most of the day in bed. A taxi picked us up at 3pm to take us to the airport, and to be honest the entire journey home was just a blur, I was so ill! Three things did cheer me up, though:

1. My incredible friends who looked after me and even managed to make me crack up when I was feeling like hell. I could barely walk through Gatwick airport and was absolutely delirious by this point but they rushed about and carried my case the entire way so that they could get me out ASAP. Oh, and they made me tear up (I had barely slept...) when they bought me this little guy:

2. The crazy taxi driver who took us to the airport. I swear, this guy was on another planet, but he did make what would have been a horrific journey absolutely hilarious:

3. My Mum for coming to drive me back after the flight home. Sometimes, when you're feeling ill, all you really want is your Mum (even when you are twenty-one...ahem). 

Despite the complete blur of a last half-day I had such a good mini-trip to Berlin. It was the perfect distraction from finishing Uni, now on to see what the "real world" has in store for me! 

Coming up on the blog: I have a whirlwind trip to the capital next week where I've been promised "London's Best Burger" which I'll be sure to document! I also want to get some more beauty and fashion posts up on here too. Let me know what you want to see more of and thanks for reading x


  1. This really makes me want to go to Berlin ! thanks for sharing :) x

  2. I want to visit Berlin so bad! it looks so beautiful :)