Kaffee & Coladas: Berlin Day One

Monday, 23 June 2014

 Last week I finished my degree. Not ready to accept that I'm now in what my parents call "the real world" (where was I living before? Narnia?) my friends and I had planned a trip to Berlin perfectly timed for just after I moved out of Sheffield. Distraction at its best!
I'd barely had time to get excited for Berlin, just as I'd barely had time to blog. It all hit me on Monday, when we took a road trip over to Gatwick to stay in our hotel the night before our flight. We went for a meal, stocked up on wine, sweets and olives which we took back to the room, got in our PJs and watched Made In Chelsea. I was so relaxed I'd have been over the moon with four nights there, to be honest (aside from the fact that my friends found an unidentified pair of socks in their bed... Gross. Hilton Gatwick- sort it out!)
The next morning we were up bright and early for a cooked breakfast. The morning was a bit of a blur- 5am starts are not my thing- but before I knew it we were checking in at our hostel/hotel in Berlin and heading out for a bite to eat.
 This was the street where we stayed, Oranienstrasse. Very pretty, a short U-Bahn trip to the centre, plus our hostel was one of the nicest I've stayed in.
 We came across a little cafe on the the corner called KaffeeMitte, and decided to take a seat for a drink and a bite to eat.
 The sun started to come out and we hastily moved into the shade. How British of us!
 I wish I could remember what this was called! It was like a Prosecco cocktail with lemonade and orange.
We ordered some food and soon got stuck into some bread with balsamic vinegar.
I ordered focaccia with mozzarella and aubergine which was AMAZING.
The others ordered bruschetta. I absolutely hate tomatoes but have to say this did look good!
Feeling full.
Later on in the evening we took a stroll in search of some bars. There's some amazing street art in Berlin, this was one of my favourites. I've only just spotted the random bug coming out of the wall!
Holy mother of coladas. So this bar down the road from us sold coladas on their happy hour, in all different flavours, and I think they could potentially be my favourite cocktails EVER. I had a strawberry one first...
... and a mango to follow. What I would do for one of these right now...

I'll be back with day two soon! Have you ever been to Berlin? x

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