A Quick Stop In Soho

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Earlier this week I went on a quick trip to Soho, and thought I'd share some pictures!
 I haven't read Nylon magazine in ages but just had to grab this for the journey because of Haim! I just think they are the coolest three girls and it restored my faith in Nylon a little (even if they did include a Lily Allen interview... I can't stand her!)
The main reason I was in London was to visit a rather cool office, I snapped this sneaky pic while I was waiting. Hopefully I can reveal more next week! (Keep your fingers crossed for me...)

After a successful meeting I popped into Liberty and made a beeline for my favourite section... the beauty counters. I actually treated myself to a Korres mango lip butter which I've wanted for months, but annoyingly I managed to leave the bag behind in a restaurant! I'm gutted but I've decided that if my meeting goes well next week I'll treat myself to the mango and rose shades...
I then met up with my friend Lottie who's working at Digital Spy at the moment for a bite to eat. We headed to Honest Burgers and they absolutely did not disappoint! I went for the classic cheeseburger and it was easily one of the best I've had. If you're around Soho I'd definitely recommend trying it!

I'm hoping to move to London in the next month or so- whenever I go back it always feels like home and I hate leaving! I'm heading back there on Monday for a couple of days and flathunting towards the end of this month... exciting times! If any of you live in London, send some tips my way for finding a nice place that isn't going to bankrupt me... or any tips for living in London in general :) x

PS- This week I found out that I graduated with a 2:1, absolutely over the moon and can't wait for graduation now!


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  2. Beautiful Pictures! hope everything went well at the offices :)