Big Changes.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

When I was 14, I went to stay with my Dad who had moved to Canary Wharf for his new job and got my first real taste of the capital. I was in awe of the looming buildings, the buzz of the people and the whirr of the tubes zooming from station to station. I completely fell in love, and ever since, no other city has quite compared. Every time I visit London it feels like home.

It was always my plan to move there at some point after finishing my degree. I studied journalism, and London offers far more job opportunities than my sleepy hometown ever could. After three years in Sheffield, I craved the excitement of a big city and when the opportunity came up to sign for a flat with my old housemate Meg, I went for it.

Yesterday we signed for a really cute little flat in Ealing Broadway, and we get the keys in August! I'm so excited to start this new adventure. I've had a lot of big life changes over the past few months and have only recently felt as though I can start focusing on myself properly and doing things for me. I've always been determined, but this is the first time I've felt completely free to go out and achieve what I want to achieve. It sounds slightly cheesy, but it's true!

I'm currently doing a temporary design job in my hometown until the end of August, and all my waking free time is going to be spent job hunting for London!

I also graduate in five days... as one chapter ends, another begins...and I'll be blogging all the way! x


  1. Good luck with everything in London! I'm moving to Manchester in September too and it's gonna be job hunting for me as well x

  2. It`s always been a dream of mine to move to the UK. Congrats on your new flat! x

  3. I'm so excited for you, I live in Oxford myself but I've always planned to live in Bournemouth, I love it there. I can only imagine how it feels to have that little dream come true, make sure you blog the journey!

    Your blog is beautiful :-)

  4. Congratulations! I'll be doing this one year from now, and you've got me very excited! I hope the move goes well and you find an awesome job, best of luck!

  5. OMG. That's actually my dream too. I've stayed in Ealing B. once when I was in London for a few days stay. I liked it :)
    London London... This city is in my heart forever ! I try to go at least once a year, but it's expensive to travel there :( I wish I could come twice/three times a year, it would be amazing :)x
    Enjoy your time for me ! :) All the best for you darling!
    Love from France, Victoria