I graduated!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Dress- Warehouse, heels- Missguided

Graduation day was one of the most amazing yet surreal days of my life. I've known now for a good few weeks that I'll be leaving my journalism course at the University of Sheffield with a 2:1, but only when my name was called and I stepped up on stage in front of hundreds of peers and parents to shake the chancellor's hand did it actually hit me that my life as a student is over!

The morning was a bit of a stressful blur. I was so worried about falling over on stage in my heels (a worry that strangely enough, completely evaporated as I stepped on stage) or not getting to the ceremony on time (another irrational fear, we stayed in a hotel in Sheffield the night before) that I could barely concentrate as I did my make-up. Ah, yes, and the stress of getting ready. Well aware that these pictures would be hanging from my parent's walls for decades, I think I took a good 20 minutes to apply my eyeliner alone (gotta get those wings even, y'know?)

All these worries and fears disappeared as soon as my gown was pinned to my dress, hat clipped into place and I'd finally been reunited with my friends. Suddenly it didn't matter if my hair wasn't curled right, or the combination of high heels and a tight dress meant I walked kind of like a penguin. Sitting in the rows of the ceremony, chatting to my coursemates and cheering on the other journos as they crossed the stage made me so incredibly grateful to have spent three years with such a close course. To see the best friends I walked to my first ever lecture with sat in graduation robes was a little emotional- I did feel a bit like a proud parent!

After the ceremony we made our way to the beautiful Firth Court, a redbrick building with a quadrangle in the centre where a gazebo had been set up for the journalism students. We tucked into strawberries and cream with our champagne, and then it was time to get throwing our hats. A sea of parents armed with cameras stretched out in front of us (is that what it feels like to be famous?) and after about ten throws, my Dad got the perfect snap (see first picture). It's going straight up on the wall in my new flat.

After a bit more mingling (and drinking) myself, my two friends and our families headed our for a meal together. It was really lovely to see our family members mix and we sat at the head of the table, very proud of our planning, as parents, sisters and grandparents talked holidays, job prospects, football and puppies. 

We spent the rest of the day (and night) at inner-city festival Tramlines, and of course, a night out in Sheffield wouldn't be complete without its weird but wonderful moments- sat in the Peace Gardens at 5am with a friend, a bottle of peach schnapps and two guys lecturing us on the Illuminati. Of course.

On the taxi journey to the station late the next day, I passed Leopold Square, the High Street, the gardens swarming with tramlines ticket holders, plenty of Kid Acne graffiti and the fountain by the interchange. I couldn't have picked a better city to spend three years, nor better people to spend it with. It might be time for the next adventure in London soon, but I've not said my final goodbyes to Sheffield just yet.


  1. Awww huge congratulations. You looked lovely and I wish you all of the best in your next chapter xxx
    x Maria x

  2. Congrats on graduating, you looked lovely! I'm graduating next year and I already have the fear of falling over on stage in my heels, I'm glad to know that the fear evaporates once your up there!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Yeahhhh I'm so happy for you :D That's awesome ! I wish here in France we could have graduation days like yours.. But we dont >< Oh, everything is better in the UK anyway :)
    Love from France, Victoria