So, You're Heading Off To Uni...

Friday, 15 August 2014

As much as these pictures might tell you a different story, first year wasn't all drinking, ordering a pizza at 4am and sleeping until noon the next day. Okay, so a shameful chunk of it was, but hey- you're only a fresher once. Whilst the flat parties and nights out are loads of fun, there are bits of advice I would have followed if I were to redo that crazy year. Though I'm not sure my liver would be able to take it now...

(By the way, that half-blonde girl is me! 2011/12 was the year I got all "experimental" with my hair, resulting in some serious damage and me having to get the chop to almost a bob- see bottom left picture. Also, upon gathering these pictures, it has become apparent that I need to do some serious Facebook detagging from that era of my life...)

Get your hands dirty. We all got pretty lazy with the washing up in our flat and I'll admit it, none of us were very tidy! It meant that dirty dishes piled up and our living room was pretty gross for most of the year. Count yourself lucky if you live with a clean freak- there's nothing worse than stumbling home from a hungover lecture to be greeted with a mouldy living room. Even if you have to be that person who makes a cleaning chart, I'm sure most of your flatmates will agree on a rota, and they'll thank you for it later.

Respect your space. Sure, it was a great idea at the time (and a hell of a lot of fun) to have a shaving foam fight. Not to mention the time we broke a few ceiling tiles dancing around after a night out with a broom (don't ask). And all those food fights... what seems hilarious in one drunken minute can actually result in some hefty fines from your student halls if you damage anything. Respect the space you live in and moving out will be a lot more stress-free!

Get yourself out there. I was lucky enough to make amazing friends in both my halls and on my course in first year, so didn't feel the need to join societies or clubs. I did in second year and regret not doing it sooner- I met amazing new people, got to go to society events and even ended up blagging VIP tickets to the Clothes Show as a result of getting involved with the student magazine. Joining societies opens up so many doors and is a great way to make friends if you move in and find that your housemates aren't your cup of tea. Drag yourself out of bed and head to the society fair in freshers week- there are usually hundreds, from sports and drama clubs to 'Real Ale' societies... whatever does it for you!

Don't stay too connected... Whilst it's important to stay in touch with friends and family, you don't need to rush home to Skype people every five minutes. The important ones in your life will stay there no matter how many hours you spend on the phone after drunk dialling them.

Try to keep up a decent work/play balance. We all know that play wins HANDS DOWN when it comes to first year- but only needing 40% to pass shouldn't mean you snooze through lectures or start revision the night before an exam (ahem... I didn't do that). In all seriousness, have fun but don't forget that it doesn't hurt to do well, either- this is the degree you've picked, work hard! Doing well feels a lot better than scraping by does.

Budget, budget, budget! When your student loan first drops into your bank account, it does feel like all of the money in the world. But try to keep on top of your spending, especially in fresher's week! Do you really need a new outfit for each night out? And is a takeaway pizza each evening really necessary? If you haemorrhage money at the start of each semester you'll regret it when you're scraping together change for instant noodles towards the end- trust me.

Finally, just relax and HAVE FUN... It used to annoy me to no end when people preached about making the most of "the best three years of your life," but it is so true! So enjoy every moment of it... it'll fly by!

Lucy x


  1. This is all good advice, not just for Uni (or college, as us Americans call it), but everyday life. I agree with the respecting your space and budgeting ...which i need to work on,desperately.. :/ Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm about to go to uni, so I should probably listen to this advice lol :)

  3. This is such great advise! Thank you so much :D


  4. All great tips, Lucy! I agree with all of these, great post :) xx