Five Happy Things #2

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Making it on to my list: the dress of dreams, found hidden on eBay...!

So, I know it's not Sunday, like I promised. But stay with me.
Sunday bought a number of things: the arrival of a friend, packing up an entire flat in order to move on Monday, and a pretty diabolical hangover (less said on that one the better).
Then Sunday turned into Monday, and Monday bought new problems challenges (locating a sofa on Gumtree that doesn't look like it's been mauled by homeless cats being one of them), and Monday turned into today... Excuses aside, here's the second instalment of Five Happy Things.

1. I ate at The North Star
One of my regular haunts as a student in Sheffield was Bungalows and Bears. Built inside an old fire station, it had awesome interiors and a menu to match - the best Mac n cheese, burgers and chicken in all of the North. So imagine my reaction when I discovered that The North Star, right on my doorway in Ealing Broadway, has EXACTLY THE SAME MENU. Part of the Ruby Jean's Diner group, I highly recommend for a carb-loaded hangover cure. Go before 4 on the weekends for the brunch menu - the French toast with bacon and maple syrup is spot on (as is the selection of condiments).

2. I discovered Parks and Recreation
I only started watching this a few days ago and I'm already fully hooked because Amy Poehler is LIFE. If you've never seen it before, you'll almost definitely recognise the cast from countless memes and GIFs across Twitter, Instagram and the like.

3. I went to IKEA
Is this what being an adult is? Finding pure joy in a giant yellow and blue building filled with Swedish meatballs and flat pack boxes? If so, THANKS, I'll stay. I headed there for the first time in years yesterday - when I say years, I mean I can remember dragging my heels around the one way system as a bored 9 year old while my parents decided how many KRABB mirrors to buy. This time, the roles were reversed, except I was picking out cacti instead of mirrors (yes really).

4. I live by Ealing Common
The new flat is just a stones throw away, and after walking past yesterday I'm determined to make the most of being so close to a pretty space. Picnics, sunbathing, I might even go for the occasion run (LOL jk)

5. I nailed it on eBay
My Mum is the QUEEN of eBay (she is that annoying person who slips in at the last millisecond to outbid you) and finally some her tips and tricks are rubbing off on me - I managed to win the bidding on a gorgeous The Whitepepper dress, RRP £65 but snapped up for less than £20. HAHA, snooze you lose.

I've got far more plans for this blog than just doing this series once a week - a lot of post ideas are rattling around in my head, it's just finding the time to sit and get them down. Hopefully once I've settled into the new flat I'll have more time for blogging!

L x

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  1. Hi Lucy, love your blog! I can relate to IKEA trips haha, and wow, what a steal on eBay - well done! Just followed you on bloglovin'.
    I've just started blogging (after years and years of thinking about it), it's a learning curve and my blog is not looking 100% the way I want it to but we'll get there ;) I'm sure any blogger can relate. xox N.