Five Happy Things #3

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Two new things I'm in love with... My second tattoo and the dress from last week's post! 

Since last posting I feel as though I've clicked refresh on my life. I'm FINALLY in the new flat (no internet though - currently using my phone as a hotspot, LOL can't wait until my 4G runs out), I've got a new housemate (my bff Lottie from Uni has moved in with Meg and I) and another thing... I got a new job.

I don't start until mid-September but I'm pretty damn excited (although gutted to be leaving my amazing team at Feref). More details on that closer to the time...

...but for now, here's some Happy Things.

1. I helped decorate our new living room
After combing through gumtree for a set of sofas and spending a small fortune on a black and white printed rug in IKEA (damn you, Pinterest) our little maisonette is starting to feel like a home. We decided to focus on the living room first as it's where we'll be spending most of our time, and I have to say I'm pretty damn pleased with the results. Follow me on Instagram (link in sidebar!) for home/interiors updates!

2. I'm escaping the country
Okay, not for a good couple of months, but Meg, Lottie and I have been planning a trip to Amsterdam in October and I'm so bloody excited. I've been working so hard the past year I haven't had a chance to even think about a holiday and even though this will only be for a few days I already know it'll be tonnes of fun. Send any gorgeous Air Bnb links my way..!

3. I'm getting a tax rebate
Yay, free money! A rather healthy sum should land in my account next week and you know what, I'm gonna treat myself 'cause sometimes you've just gotta. I'm currently eyeing up a pair of Adidas stan smiths, a NARs foundation and some cute Urban Outfitters home bits. Oh, and some new glasses. I've been so used to my short-sightedness for so long it'll be nice to see properly again.

4. I can cook again
Our new flat has a gorgeous big kitchen and I had no idea how much it would change my attitude to eating. In our old place, the kitchen was tiny and gross, and I'd often just eat whatever was quick and convenient - takeaways and snacks often replacing healthy home cooked meals. It feels SO GREAT to actually have fun putting together meals and trying new recipes.

5. I visited Portobello market
Despite living in London nearly a year now I hadn't been to Portobello road since a swift trip there with my parents back when my Dad lived in London in about 2007. Not only did I spot a load of cute things to kit out the flat when I've a bit more money to splurge, but I accidentally stumbled across Boom Burger. Which has now definitely been added to my London Food bucket list.

What's been making you smile this week?

L x


  1. I love reading posts like this, we all need a bit of positivity :D
    Looks like you've had a great week, and love Portobello too, allll the vintage ♥!!
    ♥ Fran - xx

  2. Please take me to Amsterdam with you! Haha joking, but that sounds terrific and totally jealous of your get away trip! Take some great pictures for us please :) x