Five Happy Things #4

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Yesterday's glorious brunch: pancakes. Rather this than a green juice #sorrynotsorry

1. I ate pancakes for brunch and they were bloody great
I went and met some old chums for brunch in Cheltenham yesterday. I feel as though brunch is the cooler older sister of breakfast. Breakfast is a bowl of coco pops and some squash. Brunch is avocado smushed into sourdough toast with chilli flakes. It's smoothies and juices and eggs and chorizo and expensive herbal tea. It's buttery, thick pancakes topped with crispy bacon and maple syrup. I'm drooling.

2. I bought a new diary
All of my diaries turn into burn books, sans the plastic pink cover and torn out yearbook photos. What? It's therapeutic. Truth is, I LOVE reading back all of my angry entries about boys and the like. They're hilarious. I'm hoping a few years down the line they'll provide me with some material for a book, or at least a good laugh.

3. I saw my Grandparents
AKA two of my favourite people of the planet. It was my Grandad's 80th birthday bash so we got the whole family together, which is becoming a lot more rare than I'd like. My Grandad is this wise old owl type person: you can ask him for advice on things he's never experienced and he still has the right answer. He also cannot get through a meal without spilling at least something (usually gravy) down his shirt, followed by the classic line "Oh, strewth!" He's the only person I've ever heard say that outside of Home and Away.

4. I got a proper skincare regime
Since getting a bout of acne in second year of uni I've always tried to look after my skin, but this took a bit of a nosedive in the last flat seeing as our bathroom was small, dark, pretty grim and grotty. Our NEW bathroom, however, is sparkling. It has glittery floors and a huuuuge freestanding bath. In all honesty it's like something out of Real Housewives. It's the kind of place I want to spend time, so I've been adding some extra and very necessary steps to my skincare routine. No more face wipes. I'm talking proper make-up remover, cleanser, hot flannels, serum and moisturiser. I'm seeing a real difference - plus it's just nice not to wake up with one eye glued together with mascara.

5. I upgraded to an iPhone 6
I hate myself for classing this as a happy thing, but if you saw the state of my last phone, you'd understand. I'd dropped it down a flight of stairs in a club back in March and the screen completely smashed. Then, at Glastonbury, drunk and clearly not content with how broken it already was, I managed to lose the home button. So after two months of a grubby, cracked, glitchy iPhone 5, it feels oh so bloody good to be the owner of a shiny new 6. Until I get drunk and drop it, that is.

Happy things from your week? Tell me. I wanna know.

L x


  1. Those pancakes look BEAUTIFUL.
    & the iPhone 6 is great right?!
    Lovely post, it's always great to see lots of positivity :)
    ♥ Fran - xx

  2. Finding awesome abandon buildings with great graffiti has become my new obsession :) x

  3. omg those pancakes look incredible!