Five Favourite Reads #1

Saturday, 23 January 2016

When it comes to things like food, I'm a bad sharer. A complete Joey from Friends, if you will. I'd rather buy you your own as well as mine, just to avoid your fork dangerously waving anywhere near my plate. The last Rolo? Sorry. I already ate it.

There are things I'm better at sharing. Things like information, facts, knowledge. At work, nothing pleases me more than receiving a "have you read this?" email, so that I can make myself a nice cuppa and get stuck into an article I haven't seen before. Knowledge sharing is different. It's like baking a large cake and inviting everyone to have a slice. Now that's sharing I can get on board with.

In an attempt to log all those favourite articles, essays, and general wordy-bits from the internet that I've shared and received, I'm going to start logging them here in a series of Five Favourite Weekly Reads.

Feel free to take a slice and pass it on.

1. Facebook Makes Us More Narrow-Minded, Study Finds
This article based on new research that Facebook users seek out information that reinforces their beliefs really got me thinking about the platform on the whole this week. I'm not a big Facebook user myself, and a lot of the content in this piece seemed to affirm things I'd already thought about. If you've got "those" Facebook friends you always tell yourself you need to get round to deleting, this is one for you.

2. How To Write
David Ogilvy's list of tips on how to write well, taken from a 1982 memo sent to his staff. Still as motivating and true today.

3. 32 Mistakes Companies Still Make When It Comes To Social Media
Blogger, writer and general superwoman Emma Gannon shares her thoughts on everything from self promotion to the power of influencers. Working for a social media agency myself, I immediately shared this with my team: though some of it might seem obvious, when you're caught up in a big campaign it's easy to forget to put social media at the heart of your ideas.

4. 7 More Cheap Restaurants Where You Can Get A Meal (With Booze) For Under £10 In London
The Debrief have this knack of creating bizarrely niche content which yet somehow feels perfectly tailored to my life. This piece on cheap eats in London (with the odd budget glass of red thrown in) has made me drool over Jubo and seriously pine for Pizza Pilgrims.

5. In Defence of Millennials In The Workplace
It's Emma Gannon (again) and this time she's fighting the corner of a generation dubbed "lazy" and "entitled." Jobs in social media did not exist five years ago. Five years ago, my now global, 550-strong agency was just a couple of guys in a room in East London bouncing ideas off of each other. We're constantly evolving along with an ever-changing digital world. As Emma quite rightly concludes, Millennials don't work less hard, they just work differently.

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