Five Favourite Reads #2

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

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We're in Week #2 of this series. High five. Gold star. Ten points to Gryffindor.
I know myself, though. I get bored easily. Next week, I'll just about manage to pull together my list. Then Week #4 will roll around and I'll think hey, who's going to punish me if I don't?
Great mentality - not.
So, I decided to do future Lucy a favour.
I've told my team at work that not only will I be sharing this series on my blog, but I'll be sharing it with them, too.
The thing is, I enjoy doing these. I enjoy celebrating good writing, and writing about that writing, and sharing that writing.
So now I've expanded my own audience. Let's hope it works.

1. A Story of a Fuck Off Fund
If you read one thing this week, make it this. A story of "financial self-defence," the idea that you may need a hidden fund to get away from a situation - be it a crumbling apartment, or a threatening partner, or a failing job, is a scary but empowering thought. I'm not in need of a Fuck Off Fund now, but it's not going to stop me setting up that ISA and putting the money aside every month. As Jezebel noted, however big or small, the Fuck Off Fund is the rainy day that is, in one form or another, coming for us all.

2. Why No Career Path May Be The Best Career Path
Shout out to ma main man Jon for sharing this one with me.
When I finished university, I thought I had it all figured out - I'd completed a degree in journalism, and so naturally imagined myself interning for a women's magazine in London. I pictured my life: hailing down black cabs, writing notes on my iPad on the tube, going for cocktails with interviewees and just basically being super sassy.
Whilst I did move to London, my (unplanned) career path couldn't have been more different. I went from being a journalism graduate, to a film publicist, to a senior social media executive. Being open to other career paths has meant that I've not only learnt a hell of a lot along the way, but I've ended up doing something completely unexpected that I love!

3. 14 Things You Only Own Once You've Hit Peak Adulthood
You can always rely on Hannah Gale's blog - particularly her lists - to give you a good old LOL.
On my last birthday, I had one of those "shit, am I an adult now?" moments whilst writing my list.
Gone were the days of asking for MAC lipsticks and ASOS jewellery. "Fluffy towels," I jotted down. "New bedding. New pillows. A washing basket."
Last week I had a five minute conversation about potted plants. POTTED PLANTS. A few days ago, I set up the Help To Buy ISA in the hopes that one day (probably 2054) I can put down the deposit on a house and have me my very own mortgage.
As someone who still thinks of herself as 18, these "adult" moments are a little alarming to me, but this post of Hannah's made me chuckle.

4. 6 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To
I spend approximately an hour of every weekday underground. It's quite scary, really. I'm like a part-time moleman. I get bored really easily, but often turn to Spotify to help speed up those journeys along the central line which can sometimes feel like an eternity.
One of my goals (NOT resolutions - see a few posts back) for this year was to use that commute time wisely. An hour a day is five hours a week. Five hours a week is 260 HOURS A YEAR. You could learn an entire language in that time.
My solution? Podcasts. This list of informative podcast series that will educate me but won't make me snooze past my stop are going straight on my phone, in an attempt to help make my moleman time a little more productive.

5. 95 Things I Should Do Every Day According To The Internet
This satirical piece on made me smile today. A little reminder to take all those lifestyle pieces (you know the ones. The ones that tell you to think about freezing your eggs when you're 25 because otherwise OMG HOW WILL YOU EVER HAVE CHILDREN) with a pinch of salt.

What have you been reading lately? Plus, don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin'!

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  1. Loved this - such a great idea for a blog series :)) xx