New Year, No Resolutions

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

I'm writing this at 23:34, with coffee in my system and no hope of getting to sleep anytime soon. I'm dreading my morning alarm (not to mention how many times I'll snooze it), and I've already broken New Year's resolution number 4: Get more sleep.

Did I really picture myself getting tucked up between the sheets at dead on 10pm, really for a full 8 hours before I practically levitate out of bed and into the shower at 6am? By the way, I don't actually get up at 6am. That was just another resolution that was there to be broken.

Because that's just it. We don't keep resolutions. Resolutions are cute little lists of things that yes, maybe might mean we get a bit more kip and can speak an extra language and won't leave dirty towels on the floor, but are never really true to us.

This year I wrote my New Years resolutions in November (I was on the tube, we were held at a red light at Bond Street, you know how it goes). "Aim to have £1000 in savings by June," I ambitiously typed. "Take three gym classes a week. Cook a healthy meal from scratch every night. Become fluent in German. Build my online portfolio."

Though not impossible, many of these are entirely unrealistic. I live in London and have rent to pay, so if I've got a spare grand floating around by June, I'll have either won the lottery or taken up a second career as an underground drug lord. I commute and get in late - maybe after a long day I don't *want* to chuck on my leggings and start frantically doing squats, or cook an Instagram-worthy meal of avocados et al. But that's okay.

This year I'm focusing little, personal achievements I'd like to reach over the course of the twelve months. Things that aren't setting me up for failure. Things like drinking green tea every day, or dedicating one tube journey a week to a German language podcast, or treating myself to a sassy new pair of trainers that motivate me to do some exercise in them once in a while.

Then there's this blog. I'm not going to set myself any strict post targets, but let's just say you'll hopefully be hearing from me a lot more this year.

And if that's not satisfying enough for you, you can stalk me on Twitter here at @lucyalexrobbo.

Lucy x

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  1. I didn't set New Year's Resolutions this year - I just set some quite realistic aspirations/ hopes for the year as I never manage to stick them usually xx

    Ioanna |