Five Favourite Reads #3

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

This week's round up brings you everything from Netflix-and-chill themed Airbnb apartments to a big ol' infographic on how millennials are about to have their moment (yay!). Things get a little #Emojinal, and I think about the impact smartphones might have on the memory of younger generations. Anyone else use Instagram/Twitter to check what they were doing last week? Just me? Okay.

Without further ado, here's my favourite online reads of the past week...

1. Guilt and Shame as a UI Design Element
A really interesting look into the way online decisions are worded for us. "Can't Go" instead of simply "No" on a Facebook invite - the option of not attending simply because you don't want to doesn't exist anymore. Facebook quite literally removes the guilt element and makes excuses for you. On the other hand, online pop-ups are inducing more guilt than ever. "No thanks, I want to pay full price," reads's "opt out" button, almost mocking the idiot reader who dares decline the invitation to join their mailing list. It's super tacky advertising, and in all honesty, is all the more likely to make me think "no thanks" - regardless of whatever follows.

2. Millennials: Coming of Age Infographic
The idea that a large percentage of the population are about to move into their prime spending years is both exciting and scary for brands. We have a different approach to buying and selling, our priorities have shifted, we want access, not ownership. This infographic provides an insightful comparison of spending habits of millennials to that of generations before us: no longer are we interested in a car, house, baby and partner by 30.

3. Airbnb Are Now Offering A Netflix And Chill Room To Rent on a Saturday Night
Netflix take the "and chill" remainder of their online namesake to the next level with this Airbnb apartment in New York, complete with minibar, digital projector, and of course Netflix branded sheets. In all seriousness, anyone fancy a trip to NYC? I have three episodes of Making A Murderer left.

4. Does Social Media Cloud Our Memories?
This post by Emma Gannon on being able to remember events where she wasn't scrambling to take a photo for Instagram rings really true. I have such vivid memories from my early teens, but can barely remember what I did last weekend. It makes me quite afraid for a generation who are getting smartphones at such young ages - my 10 year old cousin can navigate his way around an iPad better than I can.

5. The Drum's #Emojinal Round-Up
I don't think anyone on the internet could have bypassed House Of Fraser's bolshy (and pretty terrifying) #Emojinal ad campaign, but in case you did, here's The Drum's sum of events. In a nutshell: the Bangor University found 29% of people with smartphones use emojis in all their messaging. House of Fraser took this as an indicator to replace well-thought out, clever content with ALL THE EMOJIS. To top it off, they picked a hashtag that sounds like the name of a thrush cream for teens. Yuck.

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