January Recap

Monday, 1 February 2016

I ended up waving goodbye to January in the exact same way I saw it in: cradling a massive hangover.

I didn't make any "new year, new me" promises (see my post on this here), so I'm not feeling too guilty about this - although, I am yet to start the 50 day squat challenge, or buy those snazzy trainers to help encourage me to gym it a bit more. Oops.

In between the hangovers, January wasn't as bad as I expected. I feel as though January looms over the rest of the year like a dark cloud - Christmas is over, everyone's skint, the reality of being back at work kicks in and on the whole everyone just feels a bit shit.

It wasn't all sobbing into my banks statements and sleeping through my alarm every morning though. I'm taking a look back at all of my January best bits, to remind myself that despite it being the Monday of the the calendar year, I've had some pretty bloody good times over the past 31 days.

NYE In Camden
New Years, as we all know, usually results in an overpriced night out, a mini heart-attack when you check your bank balance the next day and a lot of tequila-induced regret. This year was different - my friend Gill decided to throw a party at her gorgeous flat in Camden. We all huddled onto her roof terrace to watch the fireworks at midnight, had a freestyle rap battle in the bedroom and danced in the kitchen until 7am. A lot of laughs were had, and it was my favourite New Years night yet.

(I'm also still head-over-heels in love with the dress I wore. Topshop sale, you absolute babe.)

Cocktails With Saynaree
After weeks of being apart I met up with my favourite Australian buddy to beat the January blues. We stuffed our faces in Byron burger, went for happy hour cocktails in Angel and gossiped for hours about boys, careers, and the adventures we want to have this year.

Twilight Tours at the Tower Of London
My housemates and I decided it was time to do something a bit more cultural than go out for a drink, so Lottie got us tickets to Twilight Tours at the Tower of London. Taking place in the evening with a smaller group, you have free run of the tower and are taken on a super creepy/interesting tour, learning all about everything from ghosts, to torture methods, to where Anne Boleyn is buried. The inner history nerd in me LOVED this.

Skiing In Gressoney, Italy
You can see a full post on my ski trip here, but this was without a shadow of a doubt my January highlight. I learnt how to ski for the first time, made new friends, danced in the hotel discoteque until the early hours of the morning and drank Bombardinos at the top of the mountain. I'm already itching to go back.

Birthday Sushi 
Saynaree celebrated her 25th birthday and so a group of us headed to Sen Nin in Islington for sushi, prosecco and more prosecco. I ordered these yummy Volcano rolls, caught up with pals I hadn't seen over Christmas and laughed til my tummy hurt far too many times. The best part? Sen Nin is 50% off every Tuesday evening - perfect for a skint January.

Whisky Tasting With Ballantines
I'm not a whisky girl myself, but was I going to pass up the opportunity to trade my last hour of the working day for a free whisky tasting and cocktails session? HELL NO. We were taken through the tasting by Ballantine's Global MD - a super cheery Scot whose passion for the drink made me wonder if actually I should become a whisky girl. The session was really fun, and we got to enjoy a selection of whisky cocktails at the end of it - not a bad way to end a day in the office.

Payday Date Night
After a month of trying not to splash the cash, our date nights had basically involved watching Narcos in bed with a ready meal (not that there's anything wrong with that - but when you're foodies like us with a restaurant bucket list as long as my arm, it was hard to resist temptation to go out!) So, after payday, we treated ourselves to a nice meal at a restaurant we'd had our eye on for a while, Chick 'N' Sours (read our reviews here and here), followed by cocktails at Dalston Superstore. A fabby end to the month.

What have been your January highlights? What are you looking forward to in February?

Lucy x

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  1. cool pictures and it looks like your January was rather fun! As for me my January was the start of a new job and blogger events etc. quite fun too :)
    Ps: I am following you now on Google Friend Connect . :)x